GWS Giants - toyo lounge

The GWS Giants were looking for an upgrade to the Toyo Lounge on the sideline at Giant Standium, so we built them this lounge area complete with leather recliners

ACT Tram launch photo booths

For the Launch of the A.C.T’s new light rail system, we built two to scale photo booths, allowing people to get their photo as the driver in the new trams

The Star casino mardi gras float

What so not /daniel johns coffin - laneways Festival sydney

sailgp - generator barge protect panel walls

sydney kings throne

optus Stage and Grandstand

porsche entrance - taste of manly 2018

amazon web services summit - 2018 

For the Amazon Web Services Summit in April 2018 we built a series of entrance arches and columns to define the different areas of the exhibition. 

black star patisserie vivid booth 

Black Star Pastry, the Newtown bakery behind Instagram’s fave watermelon and strawberry cake, are behind this Stagekings designed and constructed Glow Cave Dessert Bar in Martin Place.  The design is based on the boxes used to serve their tasty treats, and this pop-up bar featured the ridiculously popular glow-nut, a glow in the dark glazed doughnut

sydney swans members lounge

the star - chinese new year

We designed and built this food stall for the The Star casino's Chinese New Year celebration with White Label Events.  Using printed Layher protect panels it transformed the scaffold into a Chinese market stall

Amex VIP lounge - Vogue fashion night out

Samsung Pay Stall - Vogue fashion night out 2016

toyota hilux launch 2017

To launch the new Toyota Hilux we built the ramped set for the event held in Cairns  

tough mudder south east queensland launch