knockout - kings of the desert

For this year’s edition of Knockout we designed a Vegas themed stage, complete with roulette wheel DJ booth

ultra music festival - melbourne & sydney

The international music festival juggernaut - ULTRA - played in Sydney and Melbourne in February 2019. Stagekings provided the enormous main stage in both cities, as well as the production rigging for both

knockout games of destiny

Designed and built by Stagekings

Secret Societies - candy shop mansion Party 2018

Designed and built by Stagekings

corona sunsets

POP up globe sydney

2018 saw us Pop-up the Globe Theatre again, this time in Sydney

defqon.1 2018

Structure for Main stage and the Magenta robot stage by Stagekings (design by QDance)

Midnight mafia 2018

This City of Dragons themed stage was designed in conjunction with Drawmore Stage Design, and fabricated and constructed by Stagekings.  

Commonwealth games opening ceremony - Gold coast 2018

The Opening Ceremony of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games was seen by over 1.3 billion people worldwide.

The massive set used:
• 8900m2 of plywood, that’s an area equivalent of 1.2 rugby fields
• 24.88km of sustainably sourced timber framing
• 3267m2 of printed vinyl for the athlete’s parade path
• 410 tonne of Gold Coast colour-matched sand, that’s 24 double semi trailer loads!

Stagekings built most of the structures, from the speech stages, flag stages, the sand centre-piece, the sand surround (compete with smoke effect and light ring), the parade path, mobile lifeguard tower, the beach showers, lecterns, the Royal Box, 1800 lorikeets, roller coaster harnesses, Migaloo’s buggy, even the glowing globe that Jack Thompson used to open the show

knockout circuz 2017

The half organic, half mechanical lion stage for Knockout Circuz was designed by Stagekings in conjunction with Drawmore Stage Design, and fabricated and built by Stagekings 

freaks unleashed - candy mansion party - Gold coast 2017

Its not often you get asked to build a "huge, festival style" stage in someone's back yard, but the Candyman doesn't do things like everyone else!  When he asked us if we could do it, we said we could, but that we could go bigger!  So we did...the final stage ended up being 19m high x 22m wide and covered in sway poles, pyro, lazers, moving lights, and LED, making it bigger, and more technical than most festival stages in the country.  

sensation outdoor festival - sydney 2017

For the sold out Dutch mega festival - Sensation - Stagekings fabricated and installed the giant triangular shaped decor for the stage

transmission festival 2017 - Etihad stadium melbourne

Stagekings provided the stage, 900 square metre VIP structure, and decor fabrication and installation for the Prague-designed, Transmission Festival Stage at Etihad Arena in 2017.  The massive stage was finished off with 54 lasers, and seemingly endless moving light fixtures, whipping the 20,000 dedicated Trance lovers into a frenzy 

defqon.1 - Sydney 2017

Once again we played a major part in the annual Defqon.1 Hard Style Festival at Sydney's Penrith Regatta Centre. Stagekings provided the structure for the enormous Main Stage, structure and decor production for the Magenta stage, and the Blue stage was entirely designed and delivered by us!

pop up globe - melbourne 2017

In July 2017 we commenced construction of a full scale replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre at Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl.  Completed in September 2017 the Pop-up Globe remained in place until February 2018 before it vanished again.  We assembled over 120t of scaffold, fully clad with insulation and corrugated iron, to seat (or stand if you watched from the Groundlings area) 950 people at every show.  This is Shakespeare as it was intended, in the building originally designed by the man himself.    


Lux Populi - Vivid sydney 2017

"Lux Populi by Stagekings soars 10 metres above the forest floor, with a kilometre of glowing neon rope reflecting off the skyscrapers in the finance, district and transforming glass and concrete into a sparkling corridor of light. 

Beneath the tree, renowned Argentinian restaurant Porteño roasts barbecue treats from an open-flame fire pit that casts a warm glow across the surrounding bar and dining area. Some of NSW’s best fire chefs are also joining Porteño, creating exciting culinary collaborations with locally sourced wines and beverages." 

Black star patissery - vivid Sydney 2017

Black Star Pastry, the Newtown bakery behind Instagram’s fave watermelon and strawberry cake, are behind this Stagekings designed and constructed Glow Cave Dessert Bar in Martin Place.  The design is based on the boxes used to serve their tasty treats, and this pop-up bar featured the ridiculously popular glow-nut, a glow in the dark glazed doughnut

Midnight Mafia 2017

Stagekings designed and built the Sin City-themed stage for HSU Event's Midnight Mafia.  9 individual buildings surrounding the crowd, with a 1200m2 city-scape drape as the backdrop

Beyond The Valley 2016

Stagekings designed and constructed this stage for the Beyond the Valley festival, at Victoria's Lardner Park for New Year's Eve 2016.  Utilising a standard 14m stage roof, we built 30m of wings and turned them into an earthy vortex

The is the timelapse video of our stage build for Beyond the Valley

Knockout Circuz 2016

A Stagekings design and built, circus themed stage. Featuring a 15m diametre LED screen "ring of fire".  This stage stood at 50m x 18m high for HSU Events

Relive the magic of Project One at Knockout Circuz Sydney Australia

Sydney Opera House - The opera

snowtunes 2016



NRL Nation was the NRL's way of giving back to the fans.  So we designed a giant fan-zone which we then built in Darling Harbour.  The 2 building construction contained 8 individually themed rooms, including a broadcast studio, a 200 person VIP deck, a giant slide, LED screens, 11m high NRL football, and over 30 tonnes of scaffold 

Snowtunes 2015

For it's inaugural Snowtunes Festival we focused on the town of Jindabyne in our design, which incorporated the famous Clocktower.

Snowtunes Aftermovie

Biennale of Sydney 

australia day darling harbour 2016